Measuring and documenting graduate learning outcomes in the co-curricular space


  • Alvin Sim



Co-curricular experiences provide valuable out-of-classroom learning experiences that are platforms for students to critically reflect upon and expand their perspectives. This is crucial in developing the future-ready graduate. Due to the unique nature of out-of-classroom learning, co-curricular experiences often provide learning opportunities that may be quite distinct from academic learning experiences. We contend that co-curricular experiences warrant a fair amount of attention, particularly for their ability to help students develop real-world employability skills (Peck, 2017). This paper seeks to uncover how Transformative Learning can applied in the co-curricular sphere, and its implications in designing, curating and implementing co-curricular activities. SMU’s approach to measuring and documenting students’ learning in the co-curricular space, including its unique co-curricular learning cycle, will also be shared.