Integrated and interactive workbook for fostering the visibility of interconnectivity of disciplines in food science


  • Melanie M. Erzinger
  • Laura M. Nyström



Food science explores the fundamental relationships between the quality of food and its processing, as well as the effects of diet on health. Food chemistry and food analysis are two core disciplines needed to understand the complexity of food science. The integrated und interactive workbook developed at ETH helps to make the interconnectivity of disciplines visible. With theory texts, interactive videos, electronic dictionaries and quizzes for each individual chapter, the workbook promotes students’ active engagement and participation in the learning process inside and outside the lecture hall. Three different formats of the workbook, namely an e-textbook, a web-based platform and a mobile application, will be developed. These digital technologies create flexible learning spaces, can be used in flipped classroom settings, and support students’ academic learning process.