Faculty development initiatives offered by Centers of Teaching and Learning


  • Dilmeire Sant’anna Ramos Vosgerau
  • Lincon Venancio Bilibio




Establishing a Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is one of the ways a higher education institution can signal its commitment to faculty development. We investigated 23 of the best teaching universities in the world to identify the faculty development initiatives offered by their CTLs in a qualitative, exploratory study. The data from the institutional websites of the CTLs was analyzed in ATLAS.ti using cycles of coding. The analysis yielded not only a list of the initiatives, but also a four-dimensional model of how CTLs operate. We propose that CTLs have an attitude dimension, a subject dimension, a delivery dimension, and an administrative dimension. Framing CTLs in such a way can help institutions to establish or enhance their own CTLs in a way that considers their own capabilities and weaknesses, and therefore prepare for the future.