I am different not less - Inclusion and diversity in the medical curriculum at ETH


  • Mirdita Useini ETH Zürich, D-HEST, Project Team Medicine
  • Tuija Waldvogel ETH Zürich, D-HEST, Project Team Medicine
  • Jörg Goldhahn ETH Zürich, D-HEST, Project Team Medicine




Every disease is more than the sum of its symptoms and affects all parts of a personality. In reverse all parts of a personality will affect the disease. Therefore, the integration of inclusion and diversity into the medical curriculum is crucial for future medical doctors. Therefore, the foundation for inclusion and diversity in future patient care is introduced.

In this paper, we analyzed our medical curriculum of the bachelor in human medicine with respect to diversity and inclusion. The whole medical curriculum at ETH Zurich is mapped against the Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Medical Training (PROFILES) using the mapping software LOOOP. We identified learning objectives about diversity and inclusion in the medical curriculum based on the frequency of relevant profile items in the curricular map. The results show that different aspects of diversity and inclusion are covered across the whole curriculum namely in 11 different modules (out of 58). There are modules that concern practical skills (anamnesis), different organ systems (cardiovascular system, pediatrics) or scientific knowledge (translational animal models) as well as aspects of the general role of a physician.

Mapping of the curriculum enabled the longitudinal assessment of all relevant learning events. Although diversity and inclusion topics are already incorporated in the curriculum there is still room for improvement. For example, there is no coverage of transgender related medicine in our bachelor (e.g., hormone therapy) so far. Therefore, further work is needed to include additional aspects of diversity and inclusion in our curriculum.