Interdisciplinary classroom and remote learning using a newly developed Knowledge Network Online Whiteboard (KNOW)


  • Norman Sieroka University of Bremen
  • Hannes Mayer D-ARCH, ETH Zurich



The idea for a new interactive teaching and learning tool derived from an interdisciplinary project and seminar at ETH called “Philosophical Reflections on Digital Methods in Architecture”. In order to facilitate the integration of the typically text-based work in philosophy with the more image-based work in architecture, we developed a custom-made software. The resulting Knowledge Network Online Whiteboard KNOW is an online tool for interactive student learning in large groups and with different media, from text, to pictures and videos. KNOW helps to make student work directly visible for everyone in real time, facilitating collaborative student learning, and creating a platform for supporting debate whilst at the same time acting as an archive. This paper first describes the didactic background of KNOW. This is followed by a brief analysis of the overall textual and pictorial structure of students’ contributions and by several small case studies on teaching formats in which KNOW was used. The paper ends with a critical discussion of KNOW and outlines goals.